Shelly at the world's championship in Australia

Rolfing Testimonials

The following is a collection of stories from people that I have worked with using Rolfing® Structural Integration. The people that have written the stories come from a variety of backgrounds ranging from competitive athletes to computer operators. In their own words, they tell what the Rolfing® series has done for them and how it changed their lives.

I’d like to thank those people that contributed their stories. The changes they experienced could not have happened without their willingness to want to change.

Shelly's Story - World Championship Triathlete, Professor of Pharmacology

I am amazed that during all my years as a runner and triathlete, I have never used Rolfing as part of my training plan until now. It is just what I was looking for. Larry is a true body-mechanic, and he has helped me not only recover from injuries, but improve my running and cycling. And best, he's been able to get me to focus on my posture, during sitting, walking, and running. I am convinced that Rolfing should be an important ingredient in every athlete's life!

James's Story - CAD software systems designer

I have been living with back pain for a while now and was beginning to wonder if I was ever going to get back to the days when I could move, exercise and do things without fearing the pain that would eventually come..... I had read about rolfing and heard about it from some friends but never really considered trying it out but remembered thinking that the concepts sounded similar to basic engineering principles, such as, proper load bearing postures and alignment of spinal column to support the body in the most efficient and healthy manner....very unique way of looking at the body and it's relationship to gravity..... Finally at the right time......when the student is ready the teacher will appear......I decided it was time to try it and had nothing to loose....I contacted Larry and after the first session with him felt like I had come home.....I began to remember things, like how it felt to stand up straight without fighting my body felt when it was in proper form and how that felt very good! I was hooked up so to speak and I have been learning ever since how to live inside my body in the proper way where pain is not an option but is an indicator of how I am not paying attention to my alignment and body structure.....pretty amazing results as I am now at a completely new level where the pain is no longer there all the time.....I still have minor aches sometimes but I know how to deal with them thanks to Larry's instruction and guidance. I am beginning to learn how my body will always accurately mirror back to me when I am out of alignment and it shows me how to move in this world in the best possible way....where gravity serves as a support for us, not a burden.....very interesting concept....think about that one for a while.....that is the one that got my attention and brought me over to rolfing and of course, Larry.

Ellie's Story - stocks

My favorable opinion of Rolfing stems from the results it has produced in both acute episodes of pain, as well as long standing chronic conditions.

My husband recently experienced an acute episode of pain in his neck and arms, enough to cause him to pass out. He is 83 years old, in good health and very active. He was diagnosed with 3 bulging discs in his neck that were pressing on his spinal cord. He was suddenly unable to continue his activities due to pain. Before opting for invasive therapies suggested by a doctor, he decided to see if Rolfing could provide relief from his symptoms. To our delight, 8 sessions with Larry has helped him get out of pain and regain movement in his neck. He has now begun to resume his life activities.

I am 57 years old and have a chronic muscular-skeletal condition for the past 37 years resulting from injuries from 3 serious car accidents, as well as 3 surgeries on my knees. Over the years, in my attempts to deal with the total body pain I was experiencing, my movement patterns were gradually altered until any movement caused extreme pain. I was introduced to Rolfing about 15 years ago. Rolfing has provided me with: 1) the understanding of how I had been layering one detrimental pattern over another; 2) education on how the body should move; and 3) assistance in changing the muscular patterns that had developed that were keeping me in pain. It has been a long process but one that continues to give me reduction in pain with greater freedom of movement. I am still choosing to use Rolfing for weekly maintenance and continued change of muscular patterns.

I have been working with Larry Koliha for the last 3 years. In my opinion, Larry ranks among the best Rolfers that I have worked with over the past 15 years. Because of his skill and insight, I have made the most progress in changing underlying patterns while under his care. I appreciate his dedication and patience in helping me work towards my physical goals. It has been and continues to be my good fortune to work with Larry.

Mike's Story - Ex-collegiate Pitcher, Marketing Manager

I came to Rolfing via my massage therapist. She had reached a point in the treatment of my left shoulder and arm numbness and suggested I visit Larry. Prior to starting Rolfing I visited the standard medical practices and was x-rayed and given anti-inflammatory medication. I wasn't comfortable taking their meds, so I sought Rolfing as a means to treat the weakness and numbness in the shoulder and left arm.

Initially my body was very tight, extremely inflexible. During the sessions, I became aware of how I am connected muscularly. I learned more about how I move and breathe and what effects that has on my body. The level of intensity was significantly greater than the massage work that I had received. There was also the element of participating in the process. I could actually feel release in the muscle.

After Rolfing, I noticed that my left shoulder had increased in strength and actually returned to normal. I noticed that my strength increased during weightlifting along with greatly increasing my flexibility.

I would recommend Rolfing to anyone, who may be having a problem, or to increase your flexibility or become more familiar with your body.

Kathy's Story - Office manager and Administrative Assistant

A couple of years ago I was having a lot of trouble with my feet - no arches and heel spurs. Very painful! I had been to Larry for your basic body massage but had never thought about him for foot treatments until my podiatrist started talking about expensive orthotics and possibly even surgery. When I questioned my doctor about Rolfing as an alternative, she thought it would be a good idea and would probably help me a lot.

Basically I had been your typical middle-aged body that hasn't been taken care of; stuck behind a desk, hunched over a keyboard for many years; wearing all those 'stylish' shoes...I didn't know the effect it was having on my body until I started the Rolfing sessions.

A LOT happened during the sessions! I had more energy. My co-workers kept commenting on my appearance. "You look taller." "Are you losing weight?" I heard these things on a daily basis! I could walk without any pain. I slept better at night. I just plain felt better! What I noticed most of all was the freedom of movement, my clothes were loose, my feet didn't hurt, I was actually taller, and my digestion was better.

As I stated before, I had only had standard body massages. While they feel great, the benefits are not long-term. The Rolfing did not always feel good during the sessions, and occasionally I'd be sore the following day, but once the soreness went away, I could enjoy the newfound movements the sessions had given me. When was the last time I could touch my toes? The strangest part of Rolfing, feeling everything moving inside of me! I was amazed when Larry would be working on one part of my body and I could feel the movement in a totally different area.

I have recommended Larry and Rolfing to several people. I carry several of Larry's cards and pass them out quite often. I also encourage them to visit Larry's website to learn more about Rolfing.

Stan's Story - Soccer Player, Business Manager

There were two reasons that I went to try Rolfing. Both of those problems were causing me daily pain and making it difficult to sleep.

The first was the Sciatic Nerve in my right leg, a real pain in the a__. Over the past 6 years it had been getting progressively worse, and had reached a point where I was uncomfortable every day. It was so bad that I could not drive to and from work (6 miles) without pain shooting down my right leg. I had been to see a doctor and a physical therapist for the problem. They gave me several stretching exercises that helped some, but I always had some flare-ups and driving any distance was out of the question. After each Rolfing session Larry worked on the Sciatic, I noticed that there were fewer and fewer flare-ups. It has been over two months since our last session and I have not had one flare up that I can remember. It is fun to drive again.

The other problem that I was having was the Rotator Cuff in my right shoulder. Due to an injury I sustained in in-door soccer two years ago, I had not been able to throw or lift my arm. Remembering the first session when Larry had me attempt to lift both arms above my head, I didn't do to well. Anyway, after the two sessions where you worked on my rib cage (my favorite!) and where you opened the shoulder to re-align the rotator cuff, the shoulder has been getting better. I am again able to throw over hand, lift the arm above my head, and include the bench press in my workouts. I have increased the weight that I bench press by 60%, no pain! The greatest benefit has to be that I now sleep through the night without pain.

I continue to use the body awareness that you teach during the sessions. I swear that it makes a difference in the way I feel. I keep in mind the alignment of my body when walking and sitting, making my head and spine elongate along a centerline. Thanks.

Danny's Story - Former Mr. North Dakota/Gym Owner, Contractor

Rolfing was first brought to my attention by my chiropractor due to a car accident that caused whiplash. I considered my body before Rolfing to be in good shape being a former body builder, but I did struggle with aches, pains, and poor posture.

During the sessions the symptoms from whiplash got much better and I was completely amazed at the changes in how I felt and how I began to carry myself.

I would highly recommend Rolfing to anyone and I have to everyone. I plan on making Rolfing a part of my lifestyle.