Larry Koliha

Larry Koliha
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teaching in Yelapa, Mexico

Larry Koliha

Larry Koliha
teaching in Rehoboth, DE

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Classes, Mentoring and Presentations

Technical Bodywork Classes for therapists and medical professionals are available throughout the year. These classes cover hands on, in depth studies and techniques for people looking to enhance the work that they do. CE credits are available with these classes.

The Advanced Myofascial Techniques workshop series presents a comprehensive system for working with the body in its entirety, encompassing over 20 session sequences and more than 200 techniques, tests, and procedures. Workshops in the series may be taken individually, or combined in any order.

The five basic courses include:

  1. Shoulder Girdle & Arm
  2. Pelvis & Sacrum
  3. Legs, Knees & Feet
  4. Neck, Jaw & Head
  5. Spine & Lower Back

Advanced courses include:

  1. Whiplash
  2. Pelvis III
  3. TMJ
  4. Headaches
  5. Knees

For more information click on the link under the Advanced Training's logo or call 303-499-8811.
Class locations are coast-to-coast and world-wide, check the website for a complete list.

Couples Massage Classes

Classes are available for people looking for general guidelines on how to give a therapeutic and relaxing massage. The class is a 3-hour class showing hands-on techniques and includes a booklet. Individual couple sessions are also available on request.

Call Larry to place your name on a waiting list for the next class.

Mentoring for bodywork professionals

Mentoring is available for bodywork professionals to help improve their techniques and increase skill levels.


Presentations are available for either medical professions or different groups that will cover the following topics. They last about 1 hour and are tailored for the specific audience.

  1. Information on Rolfing Structural Integration - What Rolfing is, what the benefits are, how it is done and actual demonstrations.
  2. Relaxation and movement techniques - simple movement and breathing techniques that will help relax and take stress out of different areas of the body.
  3. Ergonomics for the Workplace - Taking care of yourself in the workplace by positioning yourself correctly and different stretches and techniques that will help you get through your day.